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Sunday, June 17, 2012

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- Ma'am! - Henry's voice sounded more insistent.
Rachel took a deep breath, took a quick step, and poured the entire contents of the glass in the face of Pablo. Then he ran out into the hall and grabbed the bar he leaned, but the door was still pressed against. Raquel heard behind me a curse of Pablo. She knew that feeling of danger russian women force. Now Martinez got out into the corridor, but the whiskey has blinded his eyes and pinched. Rachel pulled the board with all his strength, he went off just at the time when Pablo hit her. The woman fell to the floor.
The door swung open, and rushed into the hall, Henry.
Raquel down her guard in the side and climbed to his feet. She heard labored breathing, and punches Henry Martinez. Pablo stepped back, and the boy stabbed him in the chin. Rachel lowered her eyelids - the blow was a terrible force. When russian women opened her eyes again, Pablo was lying on his back. His mouth was bleeding, but he was breathing.
- Enough! - Cried the woman. - No more. Dissatisfied muttered something under his breath, Henry took
Pablo for the burdens and dragged into the basement. Could be heard as the head of Martinez knocked on the steps. - Raquel returned to the living room and collapsed on the sofa.
So she sat without moving until the 'still on her shoulder did not lay a hand.
- All right, ma'am?
She took away his hands from his face. Next was Henry, in his
view were caring and involved.
- Yes, everything is fine, she looked at him.
- From Pablo you got much?
- Decently. It's all because of my own stupidity. And now I'll make you a cup of tea,
- You do not need. Pablo in the mind?
- By the way, I do not russian women - he has such a swagger. He called the bank?
- No, I was able to prevent it. The young man smiled.
- You are very courageous woman. I was very much decided that he drove you into a corner.
- That's what I decided. Henry perked up.
- From all the excitement, I wake up the appetite. I'll get something to eat. You are also not hurt.
- No thanks, I'd better lie down.

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